Please help us finish the film . Here's how.

At some point in 2013 . . . exact dates are a little hazy truth be told, Dan started building a robot, Pete was writing a script. We finished both those things and took them with Rob to the NZFC's Premier Shorts funding, which caught the eye of Robin Scholes, who in turn introduced us to Andrew Adamson.  We were then incredibly lucky to have Dave Cameron sign on as DOP, and an outstanding cast was assembled: Josh Thomson as Alan , Robyn Malcolm as Mum and Rohan Glynn as Gary.

We attracted seminal figures of the NZ film industry to our project simply because all of these people found the filmmakers worthy of support. It certainly wasn't the money, because there wasn't any. Along the way, they also found key individuals such as Jared Kahi, Julia Kim and Tania Smiler and shot the film in May 2016 over four days.

So since it began back in 2013. .  whats taken so long? In the proverbial nutshell, the film has a CGI character called Gary who is a robot and we needed to develop the mocap technology required to execute that character. Such sophisticated CGI is challenging on any level of independent budgeting, and to date the we’ve soaked those costs up ourselves. And those costs have been significant. We are not grumbling about it, we know we have something special coming. But we’ve got to a point where the momentum of the film is at a critical stage and we need to complete it by July 2017 or miss the key international festivals.

No point making a great little New Zealand film and not get it out there in the best possible places right? So, on June 01 2017 we are going to launch the film on a New Zealand crowdfunding platform called Boosted to try and raise some funds to complete it in time. All funds raised will go towards paying for the skilled animators and compositors to get robot Gary into the live action plates we shot in May 2016. You'd be an absolute legend if you felt you could help. Here's how . . .

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that's all there is to it ! thanks.


* full cast and crew list is being assembled and will be found in the about page