Thanks ! by Pete Circuitt

The graphic says 96% but we've not got time to update it to say 100 % ! Thanks to everyone who supported us during the boosted campaign. 


This little clip shows whats required on a shot in 21 Points. We are pretty excited to post shots that are from the plates we shot in May.

Typical To-Do list for a shot in 21 Points

  • Actor's mocap is cleaned and re-targeted to the robot
  • actor is removed from the shot
  • Face expressions are added by manual keyframing
  • Robot is rendered and composited into the shot including adding shadows on back wall
  • CGI table tennis net is added.
  • CG ball is added. 
A little disclaimer - nothing we post here are final shots, animation is not final, grade is basic but it does give a good idea of where we are going.

Gary production design development by Pete Circuitt

Quick little video showing Gary's production design development from his first rounded more starwars-ish head to a softer more humorous looking squarehead. What do you think ? We definitely feel its a huge improvement.

21 Points | Crew | Director of Photography. by Pete Circuitt

Thus far we've been talking alot about the technical and artistic development for the CG character Gary on this blog, so it is great to be able to post something about a human being. 

I've been talking with Dave Cameron about this project for a good few months now and we are incredibly stoked to have him sign on to be the the film's DOP.  Dave is going to add a huge amount to this film and we are very lucky to have him. He's done alot and you can read more about him here.


Production Design | Gary’s mocap system V1 by Pete Circuitt

We developed an optical system that used 8 play-station cameras in an array.  We realized that, while it did deliver good motion capture data, it would not work well in the small spaces that we required to shoot in, like a garage for example. Also the calibration time was problematic as everyone on set would have to wait 40 minutes each time we set the system up.

Anyone who shoots on a tight budget or needs to shoot quickly knows that is not practical so we are getting back to work on another system . . we think we found that system. More soon.